My Bio

Take your pick from these 2 bios. The first one is the normal info type– the second one is more of an attempt to capture the reality and life of the journey…Enjoy!

Andrew Shearman

Andrew & Mo ShearmanAndrew was born near London UK and has been married to Mo for 46 years. They have one son, two daughters and six grandchildren.

He is a fourth generation preacher with experience in ministry going back more than 40 years. Working out of their local church in Nottingham UK, this included children and youth leadership, pastoral duties and church planting in Europe with teams of young people, leading an evangelistic team (International Outreach), working with many churches in city wide outreaches, often using the team’s 3000 seat tent.

This led to the establishment of a missions organization (East-West Ministries), working for many years in church planting and building and leadership training over many parts of Eastern Europe — before the Wall came down!

Again this, in turn, brought many relationships and open doors and a subsequent relocation to USA in 1988 where the work has continued. Andrew is privileged to lead a Band of Brothers ( with a number of connections in USA, Canada, Europe and Africa.

Having worked for a number of years with Adventures in Missions and spurring the creation of The World Race, Andrew founded G42 and the G42 Leadership Academy in Mijas, Spain on the Costa del Sol. The Leadership Academy has a commitment to short term residential discipleship and leadership development, team making, and release to unreached cities and areas, caring for orphans and planting the Kingdom wherever the Lord directs.

The thrust of Andrew’s life and ministry is to raise up passionate, hope-filled, non-religious warriors to see a Glorious Church and a Global Harvest. As a prisoner of hope, Andrew is committed to Tabernacle of David and Feast of Tabernacles! He and his friends are committed to government in the Kingdom by servant apostles and prophets, networking with others of the same heart and values.

The Kingdom comes! And the Dream (God’s) is alive!

CARPE DIEM: Luke 9:62 — The Message: “Jesus said: ‘No procrastination. No backward looks, you can’t put God’s Kingdom off until tomorrow. Seize the day!’”

The Sacred Journey

The purpose of life… The purpose of life is to die fully alive in God and in yourself; and to die happy with God and yourself. This journey of Life is sacred. Those who travel it will fill the earth with the Glory of God and fulfill God’s Dream. This Sacred Journey has seen me empty, full; demoted, promoted; humiliated, elevated; confused, certain; fearful, courageous; failing, succeeding; procrastinating, disciplined; scattered, dedicated; chaotic, ordered; foolish, wise; sinful, sacred; double-minded, decisive; jackass, apostle; doubtful, full of faith; downcast (rarely), passionate (mostly); despairing, full of hope; being loved, loving; fasting, feasting; condemned, forgiven; filthy, righteous.

I have never been without a sense of call, obligation and destiny, usually idealistic, a man of peace but a man of war, always looking down the road, I believe that my steps have been ordered by the Lord. The twists and turns have been deliberate and well planned and sometimes taken me completely by surprise.

I am happy and relieved to be me–finally. My name is Andrew James Shearman and I am a Keeper of God’s Dream!

In Winter and Springtime, in storm and quiet, in war and peace, the Lord has never lied nor failed to show up. These are some of the reasons for me to believe in, live in and preach Grace and His Certain Kingdom, which will see the earth filled with the Knowledge of the Glory of God. I like the company of equally desperate and therefore dangerous men and women. Maybe St. Iraneus was right 1800 years ago: “The Glory of God is a person, fully alive.”

2 Cor 1:9: “Indeed in our hearts we felt the sentence of death but this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on GOD, WHO RAISES THE DEAD.”